I got a follow-up email today from Smart & Final with a link to documents about company polices to e-sign (and I signed and submitted those documents). Hence, my pessimism from earlier today about being denied employment has been quelled substantially. What also made me feel better was reading and sharing science and technology news articles which whose links were displayed in emails from Future Loop (a custom futurist news aggragator created by Peter Diamandis) and from Singularity Hub (a popular science magazine I have been following since my early twenties and which has inspired me immensely (especially neurosceince articles by Shelly Fan)). Anyway, I am particularly fascinated by the article I read today by Shelly Fan about neurons interfacing with electronic circuits to learn and get better at playing the videogame Pong. It made me think about how my mind and brain are logical mirrors to each other (and the mind is basically software while the brain is basically hardware (which is not something I have been promoting during the past few months due to my existential angst and craving for a metaphysical ideology which basically amounts to pantheism (i.e. the idea that everything is God (which some people interprest as “nothing is God”)) and, more specifically, panpsychism (i.e. the idea that everything is fundamentally composed of consciousness and all things are encapsulated inside of the same boundless and eternal mind)).

I am disatisfied with how religious some of my content is in Karlina Object dot WordPress dot Com. I am very repulsed by trains of thought which amount to moralizing, fabricating notions of karmic debt and ascending and/or descending some reincarnation hierarchy according to one’s karmic debt status from previous lives, and claiming authoritatively that aspects of nature (including the whole of nature itself) are immortal and/or immutable and/or infinite in quantity.

While I write this note, I am sitting at “The Bunny Bush” near the Dublin BART station after sunset at approximately 7:40PM while doing my best not to get detered, distracted, and drained from the psychotronic harasment. I plan on taking the BART train back to Castro Valley and then hiking into Lake Chabot Regional Park to the campgrounds to work on my website some more. (I noticed that, if I do not constantly keep talking to myself, the voices from outside of my skull which harass me tend to suffocate my otherwise lofty and inspiring thoughts with repetitive, banal, depressing, authoritarian, close-minded, anti-intellectual, censoring, ad hominem, dishonest, flippant, shrill, beligerent, snarky, sadistic, and conflict mongering messages. That is the main reason why I am leaving Dublin as soon as I publish this note).

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