karbytes: “Why have I not been offered a job (and start date) yet?”

devils_advocate: “Well, you have been lied to each time you have been offered a job as of late because you appaer to be homeless. Being homeless is a disqualifying factor. Maybe if you used a smaller backpack which did not include a sleeping bag, you would have been offered a job (and start date) by now. Maybe if you drove a car instead of walked for more than five minutes to arrive at the work place, you would have been offered a job. (People surveil your every move and report your activities to your prospective employers so that your prospective employers know that you are deviating from the norm by not relying on a car to commute, not spending most of your time indoors and under other people’s supervision, and not sleeping indoors).”

karbytes: “Are you suggesting that I have to renounce my backpacking lifestyle in order to get a job?”

devils_advocate: “In most cases, yes (but perhaps there are some people willing to hire you even though you live the way you do). The reason why you basically HAVE TO drive a car, sleep indoors, hardly ever voice a controversial opinion, appear to be non-uptight most of the time, and appear to spend most of your free time hanging out with family is because that is what most employees at the places you applied for do. Those places do not want to hire you unless you are sufficiently similar to the people which already work there.”

karbytes: “I do not want to believe what you said unless I get scammed out of a job offer one more time. Right now seems too soon for me to say that I have been scammed by the place I recently submitted I-9 documents to. (I am nervous that I am being set up to be scammed again because I had to go out of my way to move the hiring process along because the employer was not being forthcoming with next steps information via email (as in I had to contact the employer several times in order to move the process along only to find out that they were waiting on me instead of the other way around (which makes me feel like I am going through some kind of series of “shit tests” to see how willing I am to make an effort to get the job I applied for)) and, also, I was told this morning by a person who works for the place I was supposedly offered a job at that I would get a call back to come in for my first day and that other job candidates were still being interviewed (which makes me think that was a sly way of saying that I am not exactly hired)). Many times (especially recently), I was told by interviewers that they would notify me by email whether or not I got the job but they never did (which makes me think that telling people ‘white lies’ is standard professional protocol in the kinds of industries I applied for).”

devils_advocate: “People are generally not as honest and forthcoming with information as you are, Karlina. You just have to accept that you are an exception to the norm while most other people are much more tight-lipped and willing to lie than you are. You have to accept that most people are not nearly as concerned about the environment as you are and that people are ‘secretly’ opposed to you walking instead of driving a car and sleeping outside instead of indoors and spending so much time outside instead of inside and spending so much time alone instead of in the company of family, friends, and acquaintances. If you want a job, you will have to assimilate to their culture.”

karbytes: “I only would as a last resort.”

devils_advocate: “There are a lot of things you do which other people condemn but are not willing to tell you that they condemn directly. For instance, you eat a lot more food than most people do because you physically exert yourself more than most people do (because most people drive a car instead of walk). Also, because you walk walk so much more than most people do and spend so much more time outdoors living out of a backpack than most people do, you are condemned by other people for appearing to be unhygienic, uncultured, and not spending enough time in a ‘bubble’ of comfort in which your heart rate generally remains at a resting rate instead of at an active rate and where your nervous system is not so frequently and intensely stimulated by environmental noise. What I mean to say is that you HAVE TO stay inside that ‘bubble’ of comfort most of the time in order to get a job (because that comfort zone preserves your ‘freshness’ so that you are ready to be served on demand with no ‘settle down’ period).”

karbytes: “I see what you mean. I seem to be denied employment because I appear to be too much of a vagrant and not enough of a homebody (and too much of a schizoid and not enough of a socialite (and too much of an iconoclast instead of a conformist)).”

devils_advocate: “You are not exactly in demand as someone to employ. Therefore, you are relegated to being destitute and underemployed for an indefinitely long time period until and unless you are able to reform your public image and personal habits to The People’s satisfaction.”

karbytes: “Okay. I have nothing further to say.”

devils_advocate: “You are going to have to prove that is the case to The People; that you have nothing to say that is not about what The People want you to talk about.”

karbytes: “What do they want me to say?”

devils_advocate: “Only as much as necessary to survive for the time being. They do not want you to be too desperate when you apply for jobs. You need to make yourself to appear well supported, self controlled, poised, courteous, and not too mentally preoccupied. You need to look like your attention is on your immediate surroundings and on whatever task you are currently working on. You need to stop looking like you are working hard mentally (and physically). You need to look like you only exert yourself as little as necessary in order to be considered worthy of employment at the only jobs you seem qualified for.”

karbytes: “Is publishing this journal entry divulging too much information about myself which might disqualify me from getting hired?”

devils_advocate: “Yes. Even writing this journal entry and not publishing it is enough to prevent you from getting or keeping a job. Even having thoughts which you do not express in writing, speech, or some kind of art form outside of your mind is enough to prevent you from getting or keeping a job. You are not supposed to even have such thoughts. The state surveils your mental activity and notifies prospective and hiring employers if you appear to be thinking deviant thoughts. Then it is up to the employer to decide whether or not to terminate your employment as a consequence of thinking deviant thoughts.”

karbytes: “Yikes! Maybe I should get a lobotomy.”

devils_advocate: “There is no need for that because the surveillance and conformity enforcement system uses punitive tactics to reform how you use your brain so that your brain is eventually rewired to be sufficiently compliant with the system’s requirements. It may take several years for that process to be completed, but rest assured that it is indeed taking place whether you know it or not and whether you consent or not.”

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