I deleted the Twitter post and the Minds post which linked to the Karbytes Journal 2022 # 262 because, in retrospect, I think that journal entry sounds like me passive aggressively impersonating a villain and/or what I think a villain wants me to be. Tonight I updated the following web pages in the Karlina Object dot WordPress dot Com website: NATURE, AGENCY, and MULTIVERSE. I participated in a Twitter conversation and shared a link to the newly updated MULTIVERSE page on Twitter, Minds, and Instagram. Finally, I deleted the Twitter, Minds, and Instagram posts which shared the same shrill quote about retribution because, whenever I talk about stopping some behavior without offering an alternative behavior, I am implicitly reinforcing the behavior I am discouraging.

Later addition: what initially inspired me to update the web pages of Karlina Object dot WordPress dot Com which I mentioned above was the quote about timelessness featured on Russel Brand’s Instagram account. (See the screenshot image at the bottom of this web page for details).

image_link: https://github.com/karlinarayberinger/KARBYTES_JOURNAL_2022_PART_16/blob/main/instagram_karbytes_20_october_2022_part_0.png

image_link: https://github.com/karlinarayberinger/KARBYTES_JOURNAL_2022_PART_16/blob/main/minds_karbytes_20_october_2022_part_0.png

image_link: https://github.com/karlinarayberinger/KARBYTES_JOURNAL_2022_PART_16/blob/main/twitter_karbytes_20_october_2022_part_0.png

image_link: https://github.com/karlinarayberinger/KARBYTES_JOURNAL_2022_PART_16/blob/main/twitter_karbytes_20_october_2022_part_1.png

image_link: https://github.com/karlinarayberinger/KARBYTES_JOURNAL_2022_PART_16/blob/main/instagram_karbytes_20_october_2022_part_1.png

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