One of the most disturbing things I could say to the public is that I think that no person has any free will and that all aspects of nature are deterministic (and whatever appears to be indeterministic is due to randomness (and randomness is a lack of omniscience)).

I still believe that free will exists as a virtual attribute which humans have (but that free will is just a filter of information which causes a human to think that it has some degree of control over its actions (and not all humans have the same degree of free will)).

I think that free will (as humans experience it) is a function of how much mental space (i.e. attention span, processing power, informational bandwidth) a nervous system has in order to process specific trains of thought. The more mental space a person has by which to process its thoughts, the more free will that person seems to have (according to itself and according to other concurrent persons).

I noticed that, the more stressed out I get while writing or thinking, the more antagonistic (i.e. jarring, scolding, bullying) the people around me get. The civilians seem more controlling and hostile than the police. They are aggressively forceful about hogging my attention and picking fights with me and disrupting my art.

Sorry. I have not yet “gotten over myself” enough to be unflappable and with a better sense of humor in public. In time I expect to.

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