While walking along Redwood Road past the Lake Chabot Golf Course while waiting for the laundry to finish long after sunset and a little bit high on weed and shrooms, I felt guilty for being such a public nuisance by putting myself in harm’s way instead of sticking to the trails (but then I tried to justify my behavior by saying it is the equivalent to riding a bicycle or motorcycle on that road (but then I countered that justification by saying that I was not wearing the proper gear such as a reflective safety vest (and then I countered that by saying that it is an anomaly of an experience which is being live stream recorded (from my vantage) and possible simultaneously watched by other people (and I said that it may be possible for such video data to be experienced remotely while the video data is being recorded by my nervous system or else whoever is experiencing my video data remotely is getting a video of the past due to propagation delay (but so would I depending on where I is during this video streaming process))))).

(Speaking of propagation delay, I was thinking about how light has been observed to travel from source to target at the same speed no matter how fast the source and target are moving in relation to each other. It made me think that light is somehow a static omnipresent ether which only “appears” to construct apparently solid space-time continuums. As I was walking and saw car headlights illuminate the debris on the ground in front of me and observed the light source approaching, those rocks and their shadows seemed to stand out like holograms in some time-warped substrate. Perhaps my mind was trying to hold onto the solidity so it constructed a particular special relativity frame of reference just for me!)

I made it to the dark parking lot at the head of Ramage trail and walked a bit into that place to continue observing the logic doing some kind of “neti neti” process of elimination. I thought about how I have written a lot of things which are not affirmed by my own lived (i.e. firsthand) experience enough for me to genuinely feel like an authority on some of the things I say. I almost thought of making an entire backup of Karlina Object dot WordPress dot Com (in the same manner I did for the 10_SEPTEMBER_2022 backup of that website (but I presently feel that Karlina Object dot WordPress dot Com is close enough to its final form for making another copy of that entire website to showcase on this website worth my while (but perhaps I should make another backup just to be on the safe side))).

After that (or perhaps even before (or perhaps even instead of)), I am strongly considering adding a page to the top of the list of web page hyperlinks on the home page of Karlina Object dot WordPress dot Com named “DISCLAIMER” (or perhaps some other page name) which states that all web pages which are part of the Karlina Object dot WordPress dot Com website (including that “DISCLAIMER” web page) are not to be changed after 31_DECEMBER_2022 (unless some extremely unlikely “disaster” occurs which prevents me from meeting that rather generous deadline). In short, I hope that adding that “DISCLAIMER” web page to Karlina Object dot WordPress dot Com will make it so that all web pages which are part of that web site are “supposed to” be finalized by the time the year 2023 starts (i.e. midnight of 01_JANUARY_2023) and that “DISCLAIMER” page is also “supposed to” claim that the content which was finalized prior to 01_JANUARY_2023 on that website may have factual errors or other qualities which makes that content seem relatively antiquated and/or obsolete yet valuable as digital artifacts which the author intends to keep preserved in a museum of a website (for the entire duration of the author’s lifespan and, if the author dies, longer than the author’s lifespan).

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