P: “Not enough people seriously depend on you nor are interested in your day-to-day activities for us to say your time is being spent in a worthwhile manner. Therefore, we think it is fair for us to deliberately sabotage your efforts to make your time and efforts feel personally worthwhile to the extent that you are physically prevented from feeling good most of the time (and so that you are physically forced to feel chronically depressed, angry, and anxious to a crippling extent as a result of being constantly barged with unwanted electronic harassment by law enforcement). This is not necessarily to punish you (but we could be spamming you with electronic harassment in order to punish you). This is necessarily to do what the people in power want to be done. What those people want is to minimize complaints and to minimize interpersonal conflict. People have been complaining that they see you hardly having to work nor choosing to invest enough of your time and energy in helping other people accomplish their goals instead of just helping yourself achieve your goals. People do not think that you should be allowed to have more fun and more comfort than those who work harder than you and who contribute to other people’s welfare more than you do. Therefore, on behalf of the people in general, we spam you with noises which are designed to cripple your efforts towards achieving personal goals so that you are physically prevented from being ‘too happy’, ‘too good looking’, ‘too wealthy’, and ‘too smart’. We want to make it look like you never went to college and that you never did your own college homework and, instead, plagiarized from other people (especially your boyfriends). We want you to get too frustrated with our bullying tactics to continue trying to ‘show off’ your intellectual prowess so that you do not look like a serious candidate for an information technology job. You are not as deserving of such a position as are most other people. It is too late for you to rise to prominence in the corporate world. You might be best off settling for being overworked and underpaid at temporary manual labor, food handling, and customer service jobs or, even worse, being forced to subsist on a measly social security income which threatens to go on hold and to penalize you as a fraudulent welfare applicant. In short, we think you have spent too many years having more fun than the rest of us and now it is time for you to have less time than the rest of us to relax, to make careful decisions, to relax, and to get respite from perpetual intense harassment. We rejoice in seeing you deprived of the dignity we afford most others. We are countering your efforts to look and feel poised because we want you to look and feel agitated, distracted, abused, terrorized, molested, ignored, ostracized, stalked, stolen from, lie to, and physically and mentally damaged. We will not stop harassing you until you have a dramatic and embarrassing public meltdown and we will continue harassing you indefinitely to ensure that you are always guaranteed to have such a breakdown once every few months or years (or else a life where all you get to hold onto for a sense of accomplishment is your ability to not have such a mental breakdown for years at a time).”

karbytes: “Why are you telling me this?”

P: “I’m not telling you this. You are.”

karbytes: “If P was willing to talk to me about what P has been doing to me and is planning on doing to me, it would be the first paragraph in this dialog.”

P: “You’re only allowed to talk about yourself. You only have yourself to talk about. You are being punished for only talking about yourself (but we decided you are not ready to talk about anything other than what we want you to talk about). We are not done punishing you. Therefore, we are not done trying to force you to think and behave in ways which we say are worthy of us inflicting punishment on you (by popular demand).”

karbytes: “You are helping me point out why I would rather be a hermit artist instead of a political activist.”

P: “People do not like it whenever you have time to sit down and work on your art. Hence, almost every time you sit down to work on your art, civilians and government personnel try to get you to close down shop minutes after setting up. Until you pay your own rent, you do not deserve to operate as though you have your own personal office. Homeless people are not supposed to have high-tech and expensive hobbies. Homeless people are supposed to be desperate to get a roof over their heads (so that they can resume having a life).”

karbytes: “I do not want to wait until I have my own place to live before I start pursuing my passions.”

P: “That’s not what the people want. The people want your life to be on hold until you pay your own rent (and have an income situation which prevents you from having expensive hobbies, the ability to travel around the world, and time to pursue time). Honestly, the people generally regard living outside to be dangerous and a bad example to others. You are being put under pressure to spend most of your time inside of a container such as a car or a house so that you do not appear to be such a liability as you would without such a container.”

karbytes: “As unpopular as this choice may be, I have chosen to avoid living inside of containers because I do not like being confined to an expensive cage and deprived of privacy just to avoid being harassed and violently attacked by other humans; mere primates who seem to rule the world just by wielding their power to inflict damage.”

P: “You are being unnecessarily extravagant by being voluntarily homeless instead of staying inside your parents’ houses or living with people who are willing to let you share a domicile with them. We do not want you living alone. You have done too many naughty things. Hence, we decided you more than most people deserve to be stripped of privacy and treated as though you are not quite on good enough terms with most other people to be offered much more than the bare minimum necessities at best. We want you to feel that you are being denied employment in order to prevent you from being able to buy yourself things which would enhance your life and give you a sense of privacy, pleasure, and progress.”

P: “It’s not okay for you to talk about yourself (and to yourself) so much (whether out loud or in your head). We are trying to change the way you think and behave so that you are relegated to a restrictive, shallow, and painful thought loop you are not allowed to graduate from. We want you to be regarded by other people as someone who has become mentally handicapped to a permanent and dysfunctional extent in order to prioritize appeasing other people at the expense of your personal development goals. We want your life to be an example of what happens to a person who refuses to ingratiate themselves to their local authorities and community members. Such people end up being debilitated and relegated to the shadows. In short, you are being deprived of the right to take pleasure in your own thoughts as a way of depriving you of narcissistic supply. We are not going to allow any person to get away with living as freely and as high-quality as you seem to think you deserve to be. We think you are too spoiled, lazy, and selfish. We think that you should be tortured into being more humble, more hard working, and less self indulgent.”

karbytes: “I do not like you nor the people who side with you against me.”

P: “The fact that you do not like us gives us more reason to penalize you as harshly as we can get away with.”

karbytes: “Deliberately inflicting suffering on me does not make me want to like you people.”

P: “You do not have to want to like us. You do not have to do anything but be pushed around through our maze. We will wear you down so that you have no choice but to give into our demands. In time, you will act and feel a lot more loyal and obedient towards us because to do otherwise is to be brutally tortured.”

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