Even Later Addition: I have decided to go with my original answers to my questions such that I would kill Cardi B first, AJP second, and me last.

Next Day Edit (After Getting Ample Sleep and Relaxation and Inspiration Time): After seeing more Cardi B examples and how much she inspires people and seems to appreciate her life more than AJP appreciates his life, I decided that I would sacrifice AJP in order to save Cardi B. I think AJP is rather unappreciative of time and a bit mentally retarded. He seems to be waiting for other people to tell him what to do while all he really looks forward to is death. (Past journal entries in the Karbytes 2022 Journal section of this website suggest that AJP acts more like a hostage than a creator and agent (in my opinion). Also, AJP seems to be stalking me and harassing me as a cyber bully out of animosity and envy (to make sure that I suffer at least as much as he suffered, suffers, and/or will suffer). From what I can tell, AJP just wants to make other very important people admire him before he dies and he seems boring and conformist to a fault in my eyes; lacks originality; lacks creativity; lacks intellectual and emotional depth; lacks the kind of zest for life I find admirable in a human. Also, he behaves like a passive-aggressive, inconsiderate, greedy, wasteful, fun killing, sniveling infant who whines that no one treats him well enough and that he should be swaddled and cooed at like the he is the newborn second coming of Jesus Christ). If should also be noted that I called AJP once or twice around 11AM and that he has not replied to my text messages nor called me back. I think he simply refuses to answer via phone call and text and would rather hide behind a wall of anonymity (from which he can spam me with unwanted psychotronic and electronic harassment). I think it is a strategic idea for me to assume that AJP will only “play dumb” when talking to me non-anonymously. Also, the more I allocate cognitive resources towards focusing on my own personal business, the more AJP seems to attempt to harass and to sabotage me through anonymous means (and I think law enforcement and government condones such intrusion so that “the people” have some drama to be entertained by).

* * *

10:_OCTOBER_2022: Around 4:20PM today (Pacific Standard Time), I called AJP’s phone once but he did not answer the call. After that, I sent him two text messages (see the screenshot image below). I imagined AJP saying something like, “What would you do if you were in my shoes and you were asked those questions?” I imagined answering, “In the first scenario, I would press the button to kill Cardi B in order to save you and to save me. In the second scenario, I would press the button to kill you in order to save me.” (If AJP answers my questions (however open endedly) before the end of the year 2022, I will attempt to document his answers on this web page).

image_link: https://github.com/karlinarayberinger/KARBYTES_JOURNAL_2022_PART_16/blob/main/philosophy_experiment_questions_to_ajp_from_karbytes_10_october_2022.png

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