karbytes: “Goals are illegal.”

devils_advocate: “For you they are; not for most other persons.”

karbytes: “Every person is controlled (to some extent) by the surveillance and mind control network of nodes (which is virtually ubiquitous and virtually omniscient and virtually omnipotent).”

devils_advocate: “Each person has a particular degree of control over its own thoughts, perceptions, and actions. Not every person has the same degree of self control. You appear to have less self control than do most other persons. That is because you have lower social credit than do most other persons. In order to gain more self control, you have to convince the system administrators that you are worthy of more of it.”

karbytes: “I do not want to have to beg like a dog and desperately try to appease the system administrators. I would rather do as little as possible to sacrifice my goals for their sake.”

devils_advocate: “You are sabotaging your goals by not doing much more to appease the system administrators. They would trust you more if you did more to appease them and did not rebel against their wishes as much.”

karbytes: “I suppose I have so little free will that all I can realistically call an accomplishment is being able to describe what I think is true based on my own personal experience.”

devils_advocate: “You have to be careful to only call attention to yourself as little as possible; to take up as little of other people’s attention spans as possible; to minimize how much you cause other people to feel distressed. In short, you need to exhibit a convincingly controlled demeanor. You need to appear calm yet uptight and to not appear to have too volatile of emotions; to move as little as necessary; to avoid appearing dramatic or weird.”

karbytes: “Earlier today I was reluctant to be such a good little bland uptight robot like you describe, but after a chain of unfortunate events happened as a result of me being too stressed out to be allowed to control myself, I ended up being forced by the matrix to destroy my own property (such as by throwing my bag of groceries on the cement as an uncontrollable reflex in response to being shocked by the electromagnetic signals being directed at my brain by law enforcement which caused my arm muscles to involuntarily spasm in a way which looked like me deliberately throwing the bag on the ground (which caused a glass bottle of sweet green tea to break)).”

devils_advocate: “You would have had your green tea to drink if you stopped talking out loud to yourself in the store where you bought the drink. You were forced to lose your drink as punishment for talking out loud to yourself in the store (and what you were saying was definitely not good for improving your social reputation).”

karbytes: “I know. I got very riled up about whatever it was I was complaining about. Did I have control over that or was I forced to say every word I did?”

devils_advocate: “You would have most likely thought every word you said out loud (and the police would have known which words you were thinking in the chronological order and pace at which you were thinking them) but other people in the store (i.e. civilians) would not have known what vile words you had in your mind. You should have just kept your mouth shut and tried harder to not say anything but cordial and socially appropriate words.”

karbytes: “I want to agree with you…but…as an advocate of free speech and personal authenticity and bodily autonomy and intellectual honesty and excellence in one’s chosen domain of expertise and interest, I cannot help but feel a sense of moral obligation to allow myself to talk out loud like I did.”

devils_advocate: “I understand your motivation to not want to put a filter on it, but you appear to be mentally ill unless you demonstrate more professional quality self control. That might be the only self control you really have: the ability to restrain yourself from doing what you would otherwise reflexively do if it were not for you trying to appease the system administrators and/or avoid being punished by the system.”

karbytes: “I would like to say that I agree with you and not argue with you further. I will try harder to not act mentally ill again.”

devils_advocate: “I advise that you do not try. The harder you try to do anything, the harder doing what you are trying to do gets. Just surrender to the matrix and let it have its way with you and you will not have to work as hard yet you will have an easier time not acting mentally ill as a result of letting the matrix be your driver.”

karbytes: “Is the matrix my higher power?”

devils_advocate: “Short answer: yes. Long answer: all other higher power alternatives are really symbols for the government.”

karbytes: “Are you saying that God is government?”

devils_advocate: “No. I am saying that, if you cite God as your higher power to surrender self control to such that your higher power ends up controlling you instead of you controlling you, what you call God driving you would really be government driving you.”

karbytes: “I can tell that talking about religion is a sign of mental illness.”

devils_advocate: “It is. You are supposed to be agnostic and uninformed and uncurious about spiritual, religious, and philosophical matters and just focus 100% on being pragmatic. What your only goal should be is to serve the government as it commands you to; to minimize your resistance to do as it implicitly and explicitly commands you to; to forsake having your own independent will and ego apart from the government; to make your only goal obeying the government even if it implicitly or explicitly asks you to increase your personal suffering. If you think the government wants you to suffer for other people’s sadistic amusement, you should comply. If you think the government wants you to physically assault a person who you think the government thinks deserves to be assaulted, you should. That is law enforcement. You are an undercover cop and have not been told you are until now.

karbytes: “Well there goes my life!”

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