image_link: https://github.com/karlinarayberinger/KARBYTES_JOURNAL_2022_PART_16/blob/main/linkin_park_hybrid_theory_cure_for_the_itch_album_cover.jpg

YouTube_video_link: https://youtu.be/fjsN_HTOzuo

YouTube_video_title: “Linkin Park – Cure For The Itch [1 Hour Loop]”

YouTube_video_date: 15_JUNE_2020

The video referenced above plays a loop which nicely blends my favorite parts of the song named “Cure for the Itch” by Linkin Park. I like how one (instrumental part only) audio track fades out while the next (instrumental part only) audio track fades in. It causes me to imagine a scene in a film where a title screen appears saying “Day Two…” as some grandiose project is being implemented (and as the project becomes impressive, a title screen appears saying “Day N…” and N is a natural number greater than or equal to 7). There are also many flashing scenes of “anime style” fight and/or dance moves in mostly vacant parking garages and other “random” places

* * *

A: “You look like a property tax paying homeless person.”

B: “Why thank you! I suppose I be a earnin’ to be a learnin’ (and a learnin’ to be a earnin’).”

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