Good news: after turning off both my laptop computer and my smart phone and then turning them back on again, I was able to establish a functional mobile Internet hotspot! (I think I was unable to establish a functional connection due to the fact that there was not enough “high speed add on” data in my account at the time. After I purchased 3 gigabytes of “add on” data for $20 and restarted my devices, the AT&T hotspot feature is back in service)!

What a relief! A huge component of my “dream career” of a lifestyle is being able to use my laptop computer to access the Internet from almost any location on the surface of the Earth. That means I can go camping deep in the back woods away from civilization and still be able to enjoy a few hours of relatively high-speed Internet connection. What I do know from experience is that, for whatever reason, I have not been allowed to profit from upgrading my AT&T plan to “unlimited data”. I think law enforcement prevented such an upgrade to prevent me from being able to watch videos and to play videogames from a remote location because that is almost the same thing as completely living “off the grid” (i.e. having access to all the Internet-based entertainment I want without having to be part of someone else’s household while I do).

Anyway, I am nevertheless very happy with the freedom I do have to be a “digital nomad” who is free to be voluntarily homeless (yet still use my parents’ houses in a minimalist manner for washing my clothes, taking showers, and visiting family and friends (especially my feline friends)). I would like to purchase two of those portable power stations (each for approximately $120) I used to have once I have a job. In fact, I think I will purchase those camping batteries before I purchase a bicycle because (a) the batteries are cheaper and (b) I think the batteries are more essential to my lifestyle than is a bicycle. Each battery extends my laptop usage by approximately 3 hours (which means that having both batteries charged to full capacity and my laptop charged to full capacity would give me approximately 8 hours of continuous laptop usage from virtually any location).

I do not have enough money this week to make going to the shroomery worth my time. I would rather wait until I have at least $80 of cash to spare so that I can buy approximately 7 grams worth of pscybocilin (or perhaps I will wait until after I have a job to do so). Ideally, I would buy at least 7 grams of the most powerful pscybocilin I can find and do it all in one sitting (on an empty stomach) late at night in a secluded yet safe camping spot with my laptop fully charged so that I can take notes as I get the inspiration to do so. I tend to get the most insights after the shroom trip is over and I am back to being relatively sober. That is when my brain seems to be going through an integration process where it pieces together the rather intense and paradigm shifting experiences I recently went through. It is not always a happy experience. In fact, I learned that doing weed makes me happiest but weed is mostly useful to me as a pain killer and mood lifter while mushrooms are useful as a tool for forcing me to confront my inner demons with little pain-killer effect. I see why marijuana is more widely accepted than is mushrooms. I think that mushrooms force people to examine society in a more unflinchingly critical light than what alcohol and weed offers (and society seems to promote keeping people calm, complacent, and lethargic rather than painfully aware of what is troubling them because too much of that would lead to a political revolution and societal upgrade which takes a lot of effort, money, intelligence, patience, and time to effect. I think that most people (especially those who are relegated to “blue collar” employment conditions) are already conditioned to be functioning at a level which is about as painful and strained as they can stand such that any more effort than maintaining that status quo is guaranteed to cause a lot of systemic resistance which feels punitive and discouraging of deviation from the status quo).

If my job is to be a good role model for other people and/or to be some kind of teacher, my target audience would be smart, independent, futuristic adolescents and young adults who have yet to get married and yet to have kids because such people are “allowed to” devote virtually all of their time to studying subjects they care about and establishing a career which pertains to more than merely surviving and economically supporting a nuclear family.

I did not choose to get married nor to have kids nor to be dependent on a gasoline powered car as my primary means of locomotion. Therefore, I do not think I should have to suffer as though I were. After all, such things are presumably a choice. If those who “chose” to be trapped in those traditionalist circumstances are unhappy with their situation, I would say that they either settled for a scam they cannot easily back out of or else they were covertly raped and physically coerced into settling for such entrapment.

One last thing: I decided to remove the social media posts I made which are about regulating the outcome of any human’s pregnancy. Rather than say that I would force pregnant humans to either get an abortion or else put their child up for adoption if they have an “illegal” pregnancy, I decided to publish a more “down to earth” social media post about how I prefer that human population size have a maximum limit such that every human which is currently alive can continue to live for an indefinitely long time. (I am opposed to the idea that I should have to lose health and/or have a shortened lifespan in order to make way for future generations. As fucked up as this sounds (especially as a female bodied human), I would not want to sacrifice myself in order to allow a child to prosper at my expense (but I probably will commit suicide if things get so disgustingly overcrowded and polluted that my enjoyment-to-suffering ratio has an average hourly score of 0.80 or less)).

* * *

By the way, while looking at the settings of this WordPress website from the administrator panel, I discovered that I could turn off the auto renew of the paid domain name of this website in favor of letting it expire. Also, I learned that I could switch the domain name from the paid version to the free version instantaneously. Today I will edit the hyperlinks of this website accordingly and save the updated web pages to the WayBack Machine at Archive dot Org.

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