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I have been the target of what I assume is the government deliberately disabling my electronic devices to the extent that those devices were rendered useless. Today my ability to establish an Internet connection using my AT&T phone’s Internet hotspot feature has been disabled. I tried troubleshooting on my own and calling AT&T technical support. What I think is going on is that law enforcement and/or an abusive ex partner is trying to prevent me from being able to use the Internet in a remote location so that I am forced to be supervised whenever I use my laptop to access the Internet. I think I am being punished for wanting to be independent and for sharing my politically incorrect views online. The punishment for not being more socially conformist is being deprived of a career in information technology.

* * *

I am using the (Dublin/Pleasanton, California) Whole Foods Market Wi-Fi right now to access the Internet while writing this note. I have used that Wi-Fi network over the past two years with no problems. That network seems to be available 24 hour per day and 7 days per week and I am able to use it to make rather large uploads and downloads.

The AT&T hotspot connection is still not working even though I just purchased $20 worth of mobile data (3 gigabytes).

Worst case scenario will be me having to do my work offline within walking distance of the (Dublin/Pleasanton, California) Whole Foods Market and then, when I am ready to publish my work to the Internet, I will walk to that Whole Foods Market and make the updates accordingly (and most of the time I will be unable to use the Internet accept with what little I can do with just the Android phone (namely type notes into my Gmail and send them to myself or upload images to my GitHub account)). I hope that I will be offered a job at that Smart & Final store which is within walking distance of this Whole Foods Market.

It seems like the harder I work to advance my Internet-based empire, the more other people try to cripple me and set me back permanently. (I cannot help but think it has to do with the fact that I am being held back for other people’s sadistic amusement and to prevent them from feeling jealous of my relative freedom in comparison to what they have (especially those who rely on a car to get around and who have to take care of young children)).

If it is any consolation, I have a big bag of freshly harvested cannabis flowers (dried of course) and a pipe and butane lighter for smoking it. I also have a nice Satanic Warmaster song which I downloaded and which fits my mood today: “…Into the Night” (2004).

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