02_OCTOBER_2022: At the risk of “backtracking” in this journal, I am going to write this journal entry anyway. (One of the “secret” rules of the “game” I am playing is that, the less I call attention to “social justice issues”, the faster I make progress towards becoming a professional science and engineering major (and the more I call attention to “social justice issues”, the slower I make progress towards becoming a professional science and engineering major)).

I read at least one article today which suggested that the gray matter of a pregnant human’s brain shrinks during pregnancy (and for two years after that) seemingly by de-prioritizing outside world involvement in favor of being a shutin who is hyper focused on only one’s own baby (which makes evolutionary sense, but as someone who is disgusted at how much the female humans seem to be severely setback professionally by pregnancy and child rearing, I cannot help but conclude that women of the modern age should renounce motherhood in favor of being as career-focused and goal-oriented as are the most ambitious men).

But who will take care of the orphans? Who will make sure that the human population does not shrink to such a small size that it might go extinct because not enough new humans are being born to outpace the rate at which humans are dying?

To answer the questions above, humans could simply let the human birth rate drop to zero and focus on extending the lifespans of the humans who currently exist. Human societies could pay women to be biological mothers handsomely so that those people have what they feel is a worthy incentive to go through pregnancy and child rearing (all while not feeling forced into doing so). Human societies could also outsource some or all human reproduction to artificial wombs which incubate fetuses cloned from artificial intelligence generated human genomes using cloned and synthetic stem cells. Then those lab grown human babies can be raised in special nurseries and boarding schools run by professionally trained staff (and the rate at which lab grown humans are produced is optimized to prevent overpopulation and underpopulation). I do not condone that humans be tortured, brainwashed, and otherwise raped into becoming pregnant, being forced to give birth, or being forced to live with and care for children against their will. To be clear, I think that the spawn of rape deserve to be aborted so as to not encourage rape and reproductive slavery as a means to sustain the human population.

The paragraph above is meant to inspire humans to say “No” to getting pregnant, giving birth, and/or raising children against their will. Once a child is born, however, I would recommend that the parent who does not want the child and who has custody of the child should abandon it at a hospital as soon as possible. That child will then be placed in an orphanage. (To prevent unwanted pregnancies altogether, I would mandate that all female humans be installed with an interuterine device and require legal permission to have such devices removed (and having babies without government consent will lead to the pregnant person being detained and forced to undergo an abortion)). I do not trust the humans to practice birth control on their own and I do not think most people who become parents are adequately prepared to be parents. Hence, I see most people as going through the motions of becoming parents and being too much of a burden and not enough of an asset to society as a result. As elitist as this sounds, I think that only the very wealthy and educated and sane and healthy humans should be permitted to give birth so that children can stop being used as pawns for the poor and discarded as spoils of war due to parental neglect and growing up in up in “third world country” circumstances.

As unpopular as this may sound, I “secretly” think that most people are conned into remaining too chronically poor and starved for time to relax and to introspect so that those people get sidetracked into the “low hanging fruit” trap of having unprotected sex while lacking the educational and economic resources to utilize options other than compulsory parenthood and rushed physical intimacy as the default pastime of the poor and privacy deprived. (I have seen things get so bad that people (especially women) act as though they cannot relax and enjoy a break from being ogled at and harassed by other people without the “protection” of a man who essentially treats her as his possession and on-call sex slave. Hence, they prioritize getting a boyfriend and rushing to have babies with him above pursuing a career and post-high school education without realizing that they are settling for the “path of least resistance” in a rigged game which rewards and which favors chauvinist males while the women act like blind-sighted, shell-shocked, immobile suckers. I bet that, if I had a chance to inject those women with a dose of insight, those women’s eyes would widen in shock and newfound enthusiasm for all the possibilities they thought were not available to them and those women would be just as turned off by motherhood and wifehood as I am).

I hope this is the last brick I have to lay pertaining to social justice issues. I would rather focus on being a “white male” nerd; someone who can get into technical, rigorous, and deep intellectual matters (which seems almost impossible when one has to wade through an almost impenetrable wall of caterwauling pertaining to cultural norms and social hierarchies (and such “humanities over science” stuff is a cluttery mold which seems to grow back no matter how many times one pours sterilizing fluid onto that mold)).

One last thing: I am disgusted by the way mothers of babies act like lovers to their newborn babies. I especially harbor disgust at the image of a white baby male acting like a little tyrannical husband whom the mother acts like the doting and abused wife of. I hate it when mothers exclaim that their baby is their world. Without a baby, what is a women’s worth with respect to society but a whore and a burden to subdue into being relegated to the position of livestock? I have seen a lot of people (especially women) go out of their way to deliver putdowns at me for merely indulging my intellectual and creative interests instead of being too bogged down by family matters (like they are) to have my own personal interests which do not pertain to family life. Many times I have been disparaged by other people as a “show off” even when I am quietly minding my own business while taking pleasure in some project I am working on and feel pride about. What I am trying to promote is adults remaining single and childless for life so that such individuals can be as free as possible to pursue worldly interests rather than being enslaved to just a few people whom they are not really allowed to leave; people whom they are essentially forced to be the captive audience and slave of.

* * *

Some rather sexist things I have dealt with recently is how it seems that I get punished by other people for thinking about subject matter other than body image, fashion, having sex with men, family life, domestic economics, and close female friends (though it is perfectly fine to spend lots of time being bogged down by health problems (especially depression explained as merely being the result of chemical imbalances in the brain requiring Big Pharma’s prescription solution)). I avoid a lot of expenses and inconveniences merely by practicing healthy habits such as eating a plant-based diet almost 100% of the time, exercising daily (physically and mentally), and doing my best to avoid being exposed to toxic environments. I noticed that my simply choosing to walk in place of driving a car is treated as me having an “eating disorder” and being “hyper body image conscious” by people who do not walk unless it is strictly for exercise or for walking only very short (i.e. non commute) distances while taking a giant gasoline guzzler of a tank almost everywhere they go. I do not dress in a particularly sex-provocative way and I am leaner than most women are (though I am muscular and big-boned rather than anorexically thin and fragile looking) which means that I am not as likely as most other women seem to be at getting harassed while traveling alone. I feel sorry for those women who are too bogged down by having big, cumbersome boobs and butts and feeling required to wear fetishist clothing to travel alone or without the protection of an automobile. It looks like they are not really allowed to get as fit as I am because of their tight schedules and social pressure to remain “soft”, “attention deficit”, and “on call” to those who demand that they be available on demand as devoted caregivers and pets. I seem to get booed at 100 times more frequently than I get a single compliment. It seems that other people just want me to stop being so fit and free so that they do not feel that they are missing out. Apparently, other people would rather I settle for being as dumpy, trapped, and deprived of individuality as they are than such people emulating the behaviors they secretly wish to engage in. Those people do not bother upgrading their lifestyles because they do not want to have to face resistance from their keepers. Meanwhile, I do what I want even if it leaves me friendless and under persecution because I would rather pursue my dreams than to renounce having dreams just to earn my keep like most others seem to do (and that is why I think the vast majority of people are depressed and excuse themselves to wreck havoc on the environment and on their own bodies).

* * *

I saw several videos on Instagram today of women seemingly under age 30 dressed up like ghetto whores, but the one which stood out the most to me inspired me to write a ridiculing description of her (because she looks and sounds like the same tired old caricature I keep running into so frequently it is depressing): Her lips are caked in so much lip gloss that her upper lip looks like it is lined with chocolate ice cream from messy eating. Her gigantic breasts and very shirt neckline gives the appearance of there being an adult-sized ass growing on her chest (and the boobs are so big they look gross rather than alluring the way they would be if they were much smaller and not as garishly oversized). Her hair is dark brown or black and parted like a little Catholic girl’s hair. Her eyebrows are ugly and thick yet plucked enough to look fussed over. Her eyelashes are clearly fake. Her nails are several inches long and colored gross pastel colors which contrasts jarringly with her feces colored skin (and which suggests that her hands do little more than claw the air and lightly touch her and other people’s skin while her hand and finger muscles atrophy from a lack of use; definitely no manual labor nor vigorous sports; just lounging in sexually provocative positions like a horny and boring beached whale). Her speech is slow, lazy-sounding, and broken-English sounding with some kind of accent which makes it sound like she hawks a lot of loogies and has a glottal stop while saying the word “cock”. Her eyes look like they are blind even as she stares into the camera and says her trite birthday message. Without her makeup and clothes, she would look like a smelly, hairless ape with rolls of subcutaneous fat spilling from her torso. Her butt is probably so thick that it is difficult to wipe and there is crusty old poop left behind in there from weeks ago. She prides herself on looking embalmed in cosmetic gloss and goop but her cells are rotting from a lack of proper nutrition, oxygen flow, and exercise. Her vision is myopic from hardly going outside and looking at objects further than six feet away from her. There. I just said that to feel better and to make myself laugh inside a little. I am obviously not a fan of “brown” women and how they generally resemble bored, dumb pieces of rotting fruit waiting to be devoured by some pig of a man. Those ladies look and act like breasts and slow talking, mumbling, puffed up lips are their number one assets. They look and sound like little girls inside of bulging pieces of meat under a trance which prevents them from doing anything other than acting like hypersexual bimbos who are easily amused by the most mundane and uninspiring crap. I get the sense that most of the colors they see are human skin tones and that they are almost always basking in a sealed container which reeks of greasy, pungent odors.

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