05_SEPTEMBER_2022: 17_AUGUST_2022: Today I drove the petroleum powered minivan from SED’s house to Dublin. Before I drove, I called my mom on the phone asking for $400 to purchase a new cheap bicycle from a local bicycle shop and she gave me the money. I checked the prices online and realized that I would probably get more out of my trip to the bicycle store if I wait until Friday when I get $100 to ensure that I can afford the bikes which look like they might be slightly more than $400 after taxes are added to the grand total price (and I hope to have enough money to buy a cable lock for the bike so that it is not super easy to steal). When I am not using the bike, I plan on keeping it locked up in the back of the minivan so that people do not tamper with it nor saw through the cable to steal it. I will get one-gear cruiser bike before I get a more expensive multi-geared multi-terrain bike. The cruiser bike will help me save commute time (and reduce fossil fuels combustion) when traveling along downhill or flat urban routes.

Anyway, I ended up spending approximately $44 on food from Whole Foods Market. After today, I plan on buying only one or two items at a time from Whole Foods to save money and to not feel deprived of high end consumables and mostly do my commodities shopping at cheaper stores such as Target and Safeway. The car is now parked at SED’s house once again and I plan to leave it there until tomorrow morning. (I have to show up at court in Dublin at 9AM tomorrow (which is a Thursday). I will either walk and ride the BART train there or else I will drive the car there).

Anyway, after I bought the groceries, I spent about twenty minutes charging my Android phone, HP laptop, and seemingly brandless AC charger camping battery at the Dublin BART parking garage. While I was at the garage, I also made updates to the MULTIVERSE page and to the TECHNOCRATIC_UTOPIA page of my primary website (i.e. Karlina Object dot WordPress dot Com). I added some commentary about how I want every person to have its own private room and some of the thoughts I have been having this year about reincarnation, reality as a simulation, and dreams within dreams.

I am playing with my phone’s stopwatch feature to see how long various trains of thought and action take. Speaking of measuring time (in subjective and maybe even in objective ways), my tentative plan next is to work on the SOUND_TRACK_LOOPER showpiece JavaScript application featured on one of the green pages of Karlina Object dot WordPress dot Com.

(To be clear, orange pages are prose pages while green pages are code pages. An orange page typically discusses philosophical, anecdotal, or science-fiction content. Meanwhile, a green page is typically a technical document explaining how a software application works and a display of all the code used to instantiate that software application).

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