I noticed that, unless I am constantly talking or thinking about politics, culture, money, or interpersonal relationships with specific persons in my life, some of my critics abruptly declare that I have nothing to think nor to talk about. Also, if I am not constantly preoccupied with some kind of task or performance in front of other people, those critics say that I am not doing anything but being a lazy bum or unnecessarily pensive bum. It seems as though such critics think that mindfulness meditation is a waste of time and so is observing aspects of the natural world in my environment such as the antics of wild non-human animals, weather patterns, geological formations, vegetation, and light from many lightyears away in the sky. If I “think outside the box” for even a millisecond I hear cars rudely honking in my vicinity.

It’s about 5PM right now. I have been sitting outside the West Dublin/Pleasanton BART station next to the heavy stream of automobile traffic on the 580 freeway writing these journal entries. I am starting to become less responsive to people online and physical proximity to me who seem to do little more than impede my sense of flow. I get that many people are irritated at me for being so “selfish” and hermetic and introverted instead of primarily focused on paying attention to other people and assimiliating to them.

I feel better about myself today than I did yesterday because today is my personal record high in terms of how committed I feel towards relying solely on walking, BART, bicycling (and carpooling and/or renting cars in rare and optional circumstances). Hence, the BART system is a significant part of my life because it provides the means for me to commute in accordance to my personal ethics as an environmental sustainability, freedom of speech, and open source software activist and promoter. Traveling between multiple locations helps to breathe inspiration and novelty into my creative works and prevents me from getting bored of being in one place for too long.

As an activist, there seems to be little I can realistically do to influence society outside of being the sole proprietor of my websites (even though I licensed all of the content within those websites as public domain intellectual property so that other people can legally copy my work and claim those copies as their own work). Working as an employee for some business I do not own is how I plan to make money to support my creative projects and nomadic and hermetic lifestyle. I understand that I will almost certainly have to live a “double life” in order to do so because social conformity seems necessary for getting hired at such jobs. What I plan to do is tell the people I work with white lies about having a boring, family-oriented life outside of work so that they do not get worried that I am doing too much work outside of being a mere employee working under someone else’s leadership. I am fairly good at being friendly, easy-going, and obedient in such circumstances (and tolerating being ostracized and bullied because I am not as assimilated to being a “people person” as most other people are in such an environment). As long as I get sufficient free time do work on my personal projects and I get paid fairly for the hours I clock at work, I am not likely going to complain about how I am treated at work. Also, it is not my job to indoctrinate my coworkers and customers into following whatever “religion” I practice. I will do my best to keep my ideology a secret from such people (unless they ask and I feel comfortable telling them the truth about what my personal beliefs and preferences are). I intend to only talk to such people about purely work-related matters. It is not my job to tell other people what to do outside of work, what to wear, who to associate with, what to study, which recreational activities to partake in, what ideologies to adopt, what to eat, how to commute, how to exercise, what kind of medical care to choose, where to live, et cetera. I believe that each individual person should be treated as being responsible for itself (though I do think that just by doing what I think is right for me is setting a good example for other people to follow).

To be clear, my goal is to remain single, childless, and mostly hermetic for the rest of my life. To those who worry that I am not doing enough to provide solutions for the hypothetical problem of there not being enough people giving birth to keep the human population sufficiently large, I would say that my focus is not on creating new human beings to worry about but, instead, focusing on taking care of the humans who are already here and helping them each live for as long as possible and as happily as possible. (If not enough humans are reproducing to prevent the species from going extinct, I am personally okay with that and do not condone that any human be coerced into giving birth to prevent such extinction). If the world becomes so disgustingly overpopulated, impoverished, violence filled, polluted, and stripped of natural beauty that my suffering-to-enjoyment ratio is generally higher than 1, there is a high chance that I will commit suicide by jumping off of a very tall cliff at a place like Yosemite National Park because that seems to be more satisfying than continuing to live in circumstances which make me feel too miserable to truly feel that my time is being spent well. Hence, I would rather live a relatively short life accomplishing the most important items on my “bucket list” than live a relatively long life not being able to accomplish the most important items on my “bucket list” (especially while my suffering-to-enjoyment ratio is higher than 1).

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