Bad News: I logged into my Amazon job application portal and saw that the shift I selected has been removed. Without being notified via electronic communications, the shift I signed up for has apparently been given to someone else. To me that seems unfair and implicitly discriminatory because I signed up for that shift before someone else apparently did (yet that other person was allowed by Amazon to metaphorically cut me in line such that I lost my chance to get what I was patiently standing in line for). I bet I was denied employment for my personal expression online and perhaps because I do not appear to be as financially needy as the candidate who “stole” my shift.

Good News: I have a job interview scheduled for tomorrow at another warehouse job also in Newark, California. In the past I remember driving to that location and seeing that the drive to get there is quite long yet it is across the flat lands through an industrial area. I have taken back the petroleum powered vehicle which belongs to my parents and which my parents have given me permission to borrow so that I can use it to go to that job interview without having to spend many hours walking to that location and without having to camp in that region (which is not exactly suitable for camping). Even though my “inner hippie” is crying in distress over how I have succumbed to driving that petroleum powered vehicle again and am now beholden to all the trappings and gimmicks which come with borrowing that car, I can at least offer my “inner hippie” the following words of consolation: “My individual pollution output is smaller than most people’s because I stick to a vegan diet as much as possible and do my best to minimize how much I drive (without relinquishing my right to work for pay outside the home) and because I do not have kids nor dogs nor people to spend extra gasoline on having to travel for. As soon as I can afford it, I will purchase a bicycle and use that bicycle for my weekend commutes and maybe even for my work commutes.”

Other News: My plan for this afternoon is to drive back to my dad’s house to switch my big (and falling apart and uncomfortable) backpack with the smaller backpack. I will keep my steel-toed work shoes, quasi-professional interview attire, and tent in the car. Then I will park the car at that special side street location which is a 20-minute walk away from my camping spot at Horsey Hill.

image_link: https://github.com/karlinarayberinger/KARBYTES_JOURNAL_2022_PART_12/blob/main/amazon_job_application_no_shifts_available_27_september_2022.png

image_link: https://github.com/karlinarayberinger/KARBYTES_JOURNAL_2022_PART_12/blob/main/nordstom_warehouse_newark_california_interview_details_27_september_2022.png

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