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22_SEPTEMBER_2022: I noticed that, in neighborhoods where there disproportionately many Hispanic residents, the streets tend to be littered in lots of feces and garbage that no one ever seems to bother cleaning up. This is ironic considering the fact that the vast majority of janitors are Hispanics. Perhaps Hispanics have an attitude about doing anything more than the bare minimum to get by. Perhaps they only clean up if they expect to get paid for it.

One more thing: I walked into the living room while CNN was on and caught the statistics saying that, during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the birth rate of most races dropped while the birth rate of Hispanics increased. That shows me that Hispanics tend to add to the world’s burdens more than detract from them by having babies in the middle of a pandemic while medical resources are already scarce and conditions are especially dangerous for babies. I suppose that Hispanics are generally cavalier when it comes to birth control and mostly give birth to unplanned children with little regard for the cost because they assume that the state and private services will give them free aid. I blame the Hispanics mostly for why overpopulation and ecological destruction are largely left unaddressed. It’s like society does not want to wake those menial labor employees from the dream that such people provide better quality and cheaper labor than what robots could output.

If each pregnancy required state approval to be carried to term (otherwise a forced abortion would be implemented), I bet the world would be a much better place because every new child would be guaranteed a decent standard of living and entirely planned for.

I also noticed that Hispanics seem proud to drive loud gasoline powered cars because it is part of their heritage. I noticed that most Hispanics seem apathetic to global climate change. I guess part of their heritage is not being seriously interested in environmental sustainability. I suppose that is “too white” for them.


– Bulging, gelatinous buttocks and breasts signify having enough stored up calories to give birth to a healthy Son.

– Swollen lips which are pursed by default are a visual reminder of the vulva below to stick a Penis inside of (and such lips can barely articulate words because they are so big and pursed (and that is a good thing because it makes the woman sound like all she does is moo and mumble because all she was bred for by the Men which raped her ancestors into having the heritable traits which He most desires is to be available full time as a sex partner and brood mare to bare and nurse His offspring)).

– High pitched, soft, and whiny voice insinuates that the woman is too weak to defend herself against His advances (and sounding like a whimpering mooing infant inspires Him to want to be her masculine counterpart and to treat her like His child to protect (which makes Him feel like a strong, powerful hero)).

– Big forehead, thick eyelashes, tiny upturned pug nose, big eyes, droopy eyelids, small fragile bone structure, nonexistent muscle definition, and a layer of subcutaneous fat all around her body to hide her bone and muscle definition makes her look young and sheltered from demanding physical and mental labor (because all her time, energy, and attention is supposed to be reserved entirely for His sexual and reproductive purposes on tap).

– High heels, tight and skimpy fetishist clothing, impractically ornate jewelry, hair styles, and cosmetics insinuates that she takes pride in hardly having to go outside and exert herself so that she looks like a ripe piece of fruit ready for Him to devour at His leisure.

– Emotional instability, inability to communicate in objective, impersonal, and logical terms, and a general disinterest in topics other than home making, fashion, wifely duties, and child rearing insinuate that sending her to school is a waste of resources and that she might as well remain illiterate and helplessly dependent on others her whole life.

– Having few connections to the outside world keeps her from venturing outside her cage and role. She is heavily guarded at all times to ensure that she does not get “taken” by another male human as His property. She is kept in a cage so that she is forced to breed with exactly one man: her Husband (and all He has to do to get her to be His wife is to rape her because that is what the laws for many centuries has been).

– Telling herself that womanhood is equally valuable to manhood and its complementary counterpart prevents her from feeling like the subordinate and retarded party in a heterosexual union. Woman to woman friendship centers around women supporting each other to stay complacently restricted to being the chattel of the Men who rule over them.

Bottom Line: Compared to other primates, humans have a grossly exaggerated sexual dimorphism which indicates that women were sexually selected to have traits which make them appear to only be valued by Men if those women look like full time sex slaves and brood mares (and I believe that androgyny is much more attractive and suitable for the Information Age where humans could use technology (i.e. stem cell cloning, computer generated genomes, and artificial wombs) to grow new humans asexually).

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