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21_SEPTEMBER_2022: I have decided to remove the donation portal section from each of the three websites which I consider to be part of the karbytes website cluster (i.e. the website cluster whose primary website is Karlina Object dot WordPress dot Com, whose secondary website is Karbytes For Life Blog dot WordPress dot Com, and whose tertiary website is Karbytes For Life dot WordPress dot Com).

I decided to remove that donation portal section which includes hyperlinks which lead to the PayPal donation page associated with my business (and not my personal) PayPal account. (For the record, the email address associated with my personal PayPal account is karlinaberinger99@gmail.com and the email address associated with my business PayPal account is karbytesforlife@protonmail.com) because each of the web pages within that cluster of three websites is classified by me as PUBLIC_DOMAIN (according to my own definition of “public domain” (which is basically synonymous with “open source”)).

I think of “public domain” content as referring to intellectual property which has no owner (especially because the original creator (i.e. original proprietor) of that intellectual property has died or else is pretending to be dead).

If I am dead or else pretending to be dead (or, more accurately, pretending to be “undead” because I am imagining and attempting to become an immortal administrator of those three websites and pretending that only I have the power to control the content of those websites), I do not need money because I have been liberated from the constraints of “normal human life” (particularly the physical laws which mortal humans are seemingly unable to transcend being restrained by). I see money which humans create and use as mostly artifacts limited to that constraining mortal human civilization matrix and not assets which have much practical value outside of that singular context. Hence, I think it is best not to ask the living humans to cast their hard-earned money into that “blackhole” of a donation portal; a place where that money would simply accumulate in a void where it will remain unused indefinitely until someone decides to “hack” the account to drain it of its reserves.

I would not want to cause the value of a dollar to fluctuate do to mysterious scarcity of dollars in circulation because too many of those dollars are sent to my business PayPal account via the donation links on my websites. Hence, I have removed the donation links on my websites to show to (a) prevent money from “disappearing” and (b) to show that each WayBack Machine save of each web page of my websites is potentially the last one I have personally saved to the WayBack Machine (and I no longer need donations because I am effectively dead). Lastly, I give hackers permission to take the money which remains in my bank accounts if I die and I request that those hackers use that money to help promote ecological sustainability, stem cell research, freedom of the press, and other ideals which I promote (though, once the money is out of my hands (especially if I am dead), there is not much I can do to control what happens to that money. Hence, I am trying not to worry about that money (and money in general) because I see money as arbitrarily scarce and not proportional to the availability of relatively physical commodities which money is used to represent (either in a business transaction or else in being added to a community pool which is used to pay for public services which are low cost or else free to recipients of such services).

For elaboration on my ideas for constructing a more democratic, environmentally sustainable, and price fluctuation resistant form of money, please see SOLAR_ENERGY_TOKENS.

* * *

My laptop battery was getting critically low. So I headed over to the bottom floor of the parking garage where there was a working electrical outlet. A few months ago I had two ~$100 power banks which each extended my laptop computer’s battery life by approximately 2 hours. One of the batteries got tampered such that it stopped working. The other batter got accidentally left behind on a BART train after I got distracted by a rude passenger). Just as I sat down to unpack my tattered backpack in the parking garage, a guy turned on his car and left the lights on. He was not leaving. I was begging myself not to get up and attack him while I was thinking that he was just like the many other (mostly male) humans who, over the years, seemed to stalk me and wait until just the right moment to harass me as soon as I attempt to sit down and get into my personal business.

I ran up to that car and kicked it in the back and then ran upstairs to the other electrical outlet.

(As I write this I am being harassed by the guy who started a fight with me).

The guy is defending the guy whose car I kicked. The guy circled around that upstairs electrical outlet I was at several times, threw something at me, and kept cussing me out and threatening to call the police. I glared at him and called him a chauvinist pig and I packed up my things to walk away. Just as I did, he drove the car at me and threatened to run me over. He even circled me as tightly as possible as though he were that pitbull attempting to latch on with his teeth to me as I turned in circles to avoid him years ago while hiking at California State University East Bay in Hayward. Always, some chauvinist male human is the one mongering physical violence against me and always retaliates with more severity than whatever I did. I am afraid that civilians and cops are conspiring against me to keep me locked up in a cage and forced to spend most of my life in torturous situations. The most time I did in jail was for retaliating after being harassed by some chauvinist male who would not give me personal space when I desperately needed it.

* * *

I decided to not delete the donation portals. Even if donations are being intercepted by a third party to such transactions, I think I should still leave those PayPal donation links up indefinitely because I may receive donations in the future. So far, only I have sent donations through those PayPal links using my websites. I am note sure why no one else is sending me money. I suspect that government may be intervening to prevent me from earning a money through my websites and, even worse, to prevent people besides myself from viewing my websites.

I suppose I have to do a better job of not disclosing too much information about my whereabouts and activity for now on to avoid getting hunted down and beaten up by my enemies. I am glad I have not been arrested yet nor beaten up yet (but I was awfully close to getting my bones broken today while that guy in the van was threatening to run me over).

This web page was last updated on 08_OCTOBER_2022. The content displayed on this web page is licensed as PUBLIC_DOMAIN intellectual property.