21_SEPTEMBER_2022: Today I gathered intel on the status of my background check pertaining to my Amazon warehouse job application. What I was told by the live web chat personnel is that the company which is running the background check (i.e. AccurateAccel) is waiting for the court’s response. What I infer that to mean is that law enforcement might be delaying the completion of my background check indefinitely or else for an punitively long time because law enforcement decided to implicitly ban me from having financial independence from my parents or, less severely, decided to implicitly restrict my employment options to customer service roles only. Why would I accuse law enforcement of preventing me from getting the job I applied for with Amazon? I think that people in positions of authority might resent me for my political views and socially nonconformist behaviors and, out of spite and jealousy, might be using their executive powers to prevent me from having a job which I think is ideal for my lifestyle goals. I like that the job I applied for has relatively fixed hours, involves no direct customer interaction, keeps me busy doing rote physical tasks which I personally find relaxing compared to having to deal with complicated cashiering transactions and difficult interactions with the customers involved in those transactions and compared to having to deal with competitive and fussy office politics, and gives me exactly three consecutive days off per week to spend my time and money doing what I want with relative freedom. As pessimistic as these assumptions may sound, I cannot help but feel that, based on how other people have treated me over the past three years, many people want me to feel more oppressed, punished, and put in “impossible” situations where I am not allowed to ever really be satisfied with the nature of my work because I will either be spending all my time working in a demoralizing and degrading job which feels “anti Karlina” yet able to pay for my bills (for a limited time until the favoritist and tribalistic employer inevitably fires me) or else unemployed and forced to be completely financially dependent on a mentally unwell and, quite frankly, abusive family member such that I am effectively in a hostage situation which also feels implicitly “anti Karlina” because both of those unideal situations would prevent me from pursuing my goals without having to go to extremes. As much as I try to minimize how much I lament about my hardships and to not be redundant, I feel that it is in my best interest to include this highlighted note in this journal web page. After I publish this web page, I intend to resume doing my own self-paced and self-directed online curriculum which includes surfing the web to do general research on topics of interest and logistical necessity and to continue expanding my websites (especially my primary website named Karlina Object dot WordPress dot Com). Right now, the deadline for updating each of the web pages of that primary website is 10_OCTOBER_2022, but I may extend that deadline closer to that date if I think I need more time to update all those web pages. I intend to get all the pages which are listed on the home page of my primary website up to date (and in final draft mode) no later than 31_DECEMBER_2022).

One more thing: perhaps the biggest enemies in my life at this time are law enforcement and court staff. While I push for a more futuristic world, the government seems to be resisting me and trying to suppress me so that societal progress continues to be painfully slow. It seems that the government prefers that most people remain in the dark ages rather than inspired by futuristic ideals. The government seems to be forcing most people to stay poor, overworked, and intellectually suppressed so that the citizens are easier to control and to keep relegated to the position of slaves. I think the government would rather have as many people as possible be crammed in tight quarters together and forced to operate as one economic entity so that people are as cheap and low maintenance as possible (rather than spoiled, elitist, and individualistic like how I want to be). I go against the grain of society by wanting to remain single, childless, and solitary; to focus on personal development almost exclusively and to bypass obstacles to that aim such as having to take care of young children and wait on family members to approve almost anything I do.

I value being able to express my thoughts as candidly and articulately as possible in a format which is accessible to the general public and almost impossible to censor off the Internet. That is why I make a point of backing up each web page I add to my websites multiple times to the WayBack Machine at Archive dot Org (a.k.a. the Internet Archive). Hackers can steal my login credentials and use them to log into my WordPress and social media accounts to manipulate, add, and remove content from those accounts. Backing up my WordPress web pages (which sometimes include screenshots of my social media posts) to the Internet Archive makes it almost impossible to remove those saved web pages from the Internet Archive because such backups are preserved as publicly available digital artifacts. This is a great way (in my opinion) to fight censorship.

To elaborate on the previous paragraphs, part of my strategy as an independent media outlet manager is to permit myself to make rather prejudiced accusations and to use language which some people may find to be offensive and/or misleading. It takes a long time to make my content as unoffensive and as factually accurate as possible. I would rather minimize how much time I spend addressing issues I think should be regarded as ephemeral. In time, I expect the mass of public web-based data I am accumulating in this website in particular (the website named Karbytes For Life Blog dot WordPress dot Com) to paint an increasingly accurate picture of my mind. I am offering that “data structure” as a “copy” of my mind for other people and my future self to study and to glean potentially useful and/or interesting insights from. You’re welcome. Thank you, Karlina Ray Beringer (@karbytes) for your generous contribution. I, Karlina Ray Beringer (@karbytes) certainly appreciate your (i.e. my) website building enterprise. Thank you to those persons who support my agenda and who have contributed to advancing science, technology, medicine, and civil liberties in general. I deeply appreciate your contributions.

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