To Whom It May Concern:

A lot of what I have published online (especially in this website (i.e. Karbytes For Life Blog dot WordPress dot Com)) is content which I feel is lower quality than I want it to be due to the fact that I am routinely stalked, mocked, gaslit, and tortured every minute of every day (since early 2019) by the psychotronic harassment technologies which I described in the first journal entry of the Karbytes 2022 Journal section of this website. It has been a struggle for me to focus on my goals and to cultivate my personal brand to make is as authentic to my ideals as possible because the harassment has interrupted almost all of my trains of thoughts and interjected thought-stopping, animosity-filled, ad hominem, and petty phrases into my mind such that my mind feels suppressed and forcibly groomed to reinforce the kinds of neural circuitry which I do not want in place of the kinds of neural circuits I do want. In particular, while I try to focus my mind on taking a naturalistic worldview and impersonal frame of reference, the “thought police” coercively force my cognitive resources to be wasted on responding to and being drowned out by petulant bullies who fill my mind with wasteful and harmful content. I think that the “thought police” are trying to prevent me from attaining a higher standard of living and more satisfying existence so that they can keep me isolated, destitute, and available to be experimented on and used as a scapegoat for taking out their aggression on. I feel very alone in my battle for sovereignty over my own body and mind. I hope that web pages which I add to this website in the future will feature content which I think is more relevant to my personal values rather than reactionary content made in response to being bullied.

The voices which are beamed into my skull typically include the following patterns:

– A high pitched, soft, whining, nagging, impatient, sarcastically sing-song, baby talking, and ceaseless female voice which speaks in short, stacato phrases and also makes taunting cooing sounds and noisy breathing sounds.

– Heavy breathing interspersed with fake voiceless crying (more like laughter pretending to be crying) and “It’s okay, no one ____” (and the blank is filled with things like “needs to listen to you” and other sentence fragments insinuating that I deserve to be cut off from using my mind as a result of being hijacked).

– The phrase “You’re too insecure to ___” (and the blank is filled with things like “get a job” and other sentence fragments insinuating that I deserve to be cut off from using my mind as a result of being hijacked).

– Frequently calling attention to how I am supposedly too focused on my physical appearance to be allowed to advance within society even while I have higher priorities and interests than my physical appearance.

– The phrase “You’re only allowed to ___” (and the blank is filled with things like “focus on your ex boyfriend” and other sentence fragments insinuating that I deserve to be cut off from using my mind as a result of being hijacked).

– Sadistic giggling and sadistic baby talk saying sarcastic words of kindness and consolation which really seem to mean, “Shut up. Be miserable. Fall apart. Stop acting so dignified.”

– Dismissive phrases which sound like a bratty, snarky, and hypergamous teenage girl such as “Get over yourself” and “Bye Karlina” and “No one wants to listen to you anymore” and punctuating such phrases with “okay?” and “alright?”

I get the sense that no one who I personally know is willing to show compassion for what I am going through. Instead, I get the sense that those people (including especially my family of origin and mother) condone that I be harassed in the manner I describe. It seems that the “thought police” who spam me with detrimental interference do so in order to prevent me from being as well rested, intelligent, and happy as I otherwise would be (without such interference) because I am considered to be a public nuisance for being asocial and for not conforming to mainstream society and, also, because the “thought police” are jealous of me and want to ruin me so that they no longer feel jealous of me because they will end up happier and more comfortable than I am.


Karlina Ray Beringer (@karbytes)

Post Script: I deleted posts which I published on my Twitter and Minds accounts which referenced web pages from the Karbytes 2022 Journal section of this website. I did so to avoid over emphasizing the content which I find to be “low brow”, sensationalist, and depression-mongering. I would rather use my social media accounts to showcase content which is futuristic, scientific, nerdy, and inspiring instead.

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