Things I intend to spend my money on which I earn from working at some kind of suitable on-site job are itemized in the following quasi table. Note the floating-point number component of each “JSON” record (i.e. row in the “table”) represents the percentage of my paycheck to allocate to the respective category. Each of those percentages in the table should add up to exactly 1.

To view hidden text inside of the preformatted text boxes below, scroll horizontally.

CATEGORY_0 := { "Emergency & Misculaneous Savings Fund" : 0.2 }. // to replace electronics, bicycles, shoes, outdoor gear, drugs, books, movies, et cetera

CATEGORY_1 := { "Food & Household Supplies" : 0.4 }. // to purchase vegetables, grains, plant-based proteins, vitamin supplements, plant-based laundry detergents and soaps, et cetera

CATEGORY_2 := { "Post Office Box" : 0.2 }. // to rent a unit to have my packages, legal documents (e.g. W-2 form), and other small items sent to so that those packages do not get intercepted

CATEGORY_3 := { "Mobile Phone & Mobile Internet" : 0.2 }. // to pay for my monthly AT&T phone number to stay in service (at a rate of $30 per month) and to pay $20 per 3 gigabytes of mobile data

There is not category for renting a housing unit because I intend to keep camping in various locations which fit my schedule and preferences. CATEGORY_0 is meant to cover what little money I spend on gasoline and maybe even motor oil. I do not intend to use the car enough to have to take it in for maintenance to have its tires rotated nor replaced. The car is really just a power tool to show that I have as much power as seemingly other people do (in the region of the world I live in). That does not mean that I must use the car. Just keeping it in park and only driving it once a week to keep the engine from going stale seems to be all I have to do to keep that car “in service” for the next two years. Within that time period, I hope to overcome being dependent on that car and to return it to my mom’s driveway because, by then, I will be an expert user of public transportation (e.g. BART, taxis) and bicycling. I do not feel comfortable investing in a car (but if I did I would certainly only want to invest in an entirely electric vehicle which solely I own the title to). In fact, I intend to get a bicycle as soon as I can afford one so that I can mostly rely on that for my commute and just keep the car parked on that special side street for backup purposes and as a place to store my bicycle. Given that I intend to start work at 7:30AM and end work around 6PM, I think there will be plenty of time to bike to and from BART stations (between where I camp and where I work).

Note also that CATEGORY_0 is where any surplus money will end up. More than 20% of my paychecks will probably end up being used for that category.

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