The following is a tweet I do not ever intend to publish:

A woman’s mission statement is “Somebody loves me” while a man’s mission statement is “I accomplished something which I am impressed by and which I feel was worth my time.”

The would-be tweet reminds me of some magazine article I read in the waiting room at Eden Hospital while my mom was being hospitalized for some stomach pain issue. The article was about how the son of a family apparently neglected the family by pursuing a physics major and spending all his time studying and partaking in college life. Meanwhile, his sister dropped out of school (or else never attended) in order to take care of her sick relatives (and she was lauded as the hero of that story). I would much rather be the guy than the girl in that situation.

Right now, there is someone on social media who told me he is in dire straits, is an orphan, and is looking after his younger siblings and that they do not have much food to get by. I offered to send him $60 through Xoom (i.e. a PayPal service for transferring money internationally) once I get my $100 “welfare check” (and I lied that I am currently broke because I did not want to give up any of my money right now because I wanted to be able to cover my bills which are almost due). My “inner hippie” is mad at me for not sending all my money to that person now (especially since there is food at home and my parents seem to have more than enough money to live comfortably and seem to be willing to share their wealth with me to a limited extent). I decided to betray my “inner hippie” by waiting until Friday to transfer the $60 to that person in need (or at least pretending to be in need) and told my “inner hippie” that I would rather use my money to prove a point than to be a Good Samaritan. I do not like giving into appeals to pathos. I would prefer to send someone my money in exchange for a product or service I desire. There are other people on that social network who introduced me to a private messaging application who are willing to sell me psychedelics. Once I get money from working, I plan to contact them even at the risk of it being a scam. Actually, maybe not. I might be better off using The Onion Router (TOR) to access the darknet sites where people commonly buy and sell psychedelics and other not quite legal to sell on the normal Internet drugs. Magic mushrooms are useful and all, but eventually I know I am going to want to do DMT (the hallucinogenic variety which sends people on bizarre dream-like trips and the “God molecule” named 5-MeO-DMT).

Anyway, the point of this journal entry is to suggest that people should focus on becoming as financially independent and immersed in learning about the world as early as possible as to avoid being trapped in the role of indentured servitude to family of origin and spousal families. In an ideal world, professional medical staff would care for the sick, injured, and disabled instead of using young adults as surrogate nurses and butlers. I do not like the idea of holding people back from being able to individuate from their families. Those who like that idea probably think the purpose of having kids is to guarantee that someone will be there to take care of the parents: the kids.

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