19_SEPTEMBER_2022: Imagine that there is a carnival ride which only has a limited number of seats and whoever does not board that ride this time does not get to escape the bomb that is about to go off while the lucky riders get to fly away to safety. That is how I feel about the issue of human overpopulation on Planet Earth.

Earlier today, I was watching a short video featuring Peter Diamandis and some interviewer talking about how, in the past, electronic devices were too expensive for most people to afford and that, over time (thanks to Moore’s Law and general advancements in science and engineering), such devices became cheaper, more efficient, less bulky, and widely available to the masses (i.e. generally affordable and abundant). Peter Diamandis suggested that, based on such historical trends, technological advancements such as medical treatments can become similarly affordable to the masses and abundant. I immediately thought about the prospect of growing replacement organs and tissues from a patient’s own stem cells (which uses that patient’s own DNA) such that any person could extend its life and capabilities for hundreds if not thousands of years. After a certain point, I reasoned that humans would simply need to stop reproducing because the death rate would be almost 0%. In order for new humans to be born without having to kill humans, humans would have to colonize other planets, harvest material resources from asteroids and other planets, and carefully account for the existence of each existing human and each future human without pretending that space and resources will “magically” be provided out of nowhere such that the population can keep expanding faster than it shrinks (and/or past the point where the population density becomes dangerously high or, at the very least, diminishes quality of life for individuals and communities).

I would advise that female bodied humans retrofit themselves with an interuterine device as a means of birth control because such devices do not need to be replaced for at least a decade (and, once removed, the female bodied human regains fertility within a week). The model I am using does not release hormones into my bloodstream. Instead, it releases trace amounts of copper molecules into my uterus such that the uterine environment becomes chemically inhospitable to the formation of zygotes (i.e. fertilized eggs). I do not recommend that people use hormonal birth control such as traditional estrogen and progesterone releasing pills because such pills induce a chronic state of false pregnancy (and, in my opinion, that diminishes the user’s intelligence, fitness, and health overall because the body is not adapted to remain pregnant for more than approximately nine months).

Also, I understand that infants and children cannot legally work in exchange for money the way adults can to earn their keep. I understand that every “anchor baby” is legally entitled to have all of its basic needs unconditionally provided for (but don’t adults too deserve to have their basic needs unconditionally provided for?).

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