18_SEPTEMBER_2022: Note that, like many of the journal entry pages which are part of this website (i.e. Karbytes For Life dot WordPress dot Com), this one is somewhat satirical and not meant to be taken too literally. The content of such satirical web pages is a reflection of the author (i.e. karbytes) working out its mental processes and making sense of the content of its own mind. It is a lifelong endeavor consisting of ongoing refinement and evolution (and it is quite fun for the author of this website to watch this process unfold and to look back on past content to monitor progress).

karbytes: “Every day my ego takes a bruising. I am not sure whether or not that has made me stronger. It probably did, but I also think that it made me more callous, cold, and impatient with other people’s weakness.”

P: “Should humans be forced to experience adversity so that they do not end up weak, fragile, lazy, and ungrateful (and hence wasteful of resources) or should they be sheltered from adversity so that they enjoy a more peaceful existence even if that makes them into pussies?”

Q: “Humans need the right kinds of adversity to develop into thriving individuals and to realize their potential. Otherwise, they will likely be bored, listless, and helpless as you describe. The right kinds of adversity is not puting humans in harm’s way, but rather, encouraging them to rigorously pursue academics, athletics, and arts and to become excellent at some discipline which they find to be personally meaningful. Plenty of challenge (i.e. adversity) exists within the pursuit of personal excellence. There is no more worthy opponent than one’s own ego. I would say that it is generally easier to fight with other people than it is to overcome one’s own counterproductive tendencies. For instance, it is easier to shack up with a romantic partner and to pick fights with that partner than it is to focus on accomplishing one’s own goals.”

P: “I don’t think karbytes (i.e. Karlina) goes through enough real hardship. Let’s keep Karlina from being able to vigorously pursue academics, athletics, and arts because such things are bourgeois, expensive, and high maintenance. What Karlina needs is not to attain higher self esteem and a greater sense of mastery. What Karlina needs is to be prevented from doing such things and, instead, to be helplessly dependent on other people’s generosity and dictates because that is something Karlina has been reluctant to do. A lot of people were not born into nearly as advantageous of circumstances as Karlina was. Hence, such people do not have the luxury to make personal development a priority. What such people do instead is work long hours at grueling, unskilled, and low-paying jobs for little pay while supporting a their growing family. What such people know that Karlina does not yet know is the incomparable satisfaction which comes from contributing to something greater than oneself and, most of all, being a contributing member of a close knit community. There is not much to go around in such communities, but there is a lot of love. Karlina needs to learn that social cohesion and social harmony is more important than standing out as someone who is exceptionally talented at some discipline.”

karbytes: “I see that personal development (and even my interest in spirituality, natural science, and general epistemology) is regarded as a sin by people like P. For that reason, I feel coerced into downplaying my interests and expertise in esoteric matters and pretending to have no life outside of some menial job where little personal growth occurs. I might even need to lie to people that I spend almost all of my time outside of working taking care of family members.”

* * *

Aside: one of my friends on social media recently said that many of its friends’ social media accounts were banned. In order to avoid having one’s content censored off the Internet, I strongly recommend creating a WordPress website and using that website as a backup and/or main repository for storing public content. As the sole administrator of one’s own WordPress website, only that administrator gets to decide which content is suitable for publishing and not publishing. Being the sole moderator of one’s own personal website is one of the best ways to avoid being censored and to avoid losing cherished tidbits of digitized information.

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