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12_SEPTEMBER_2022: This morning, I had a dream that I was taking some kind of “college” class outside in the yard of my high school. I had to fill out a three column sheet with details about grocery store products such as shipping date and brand name. While I was doing that, two school staff members notified me that my old and long lost best friend and boyfriend was on the phone and was trying to call me. Though I wanted to accept the call, someone else told me to decline the call and focus on the school assignment (because I think it was a timed assignment and there was not very much time to do the assignment). I remember making up details because I was the last person left in that class (even the teacher was gone) and I did not want to spend more time trying to look up official brand names of assignment-relevant products. A guy whom I had a crush on in high school and find mysteriously intriguing to this day was sitting on a nearby bench against the building. I was anxious about missing the phone call with SED and finishing the assignment and getting a job and all the other things on my “to do” list which I felt I overwhelmed by when that guy (VDT) asked me, “What is wrong?” I suppose my face looked anxious. I felt shy and nervous and depressed and worried and ambitious all at once and started talking at length about what was troubling me. I was so shy that I covered myself with my hair and a blanket. I looked up and saw that VDT disappeared. When I woke up, I was lying in a picturesque field in the middle of Horsey Hill and saw what looked like VDT wearing a white shirt and black shorts on the high horizon of the hill to the east. I went back to sleep for a while to process more of my internal experiences.

Last night I did approximately 5 grams of Ice P.E. mushrooms and had an intense experience of being very aware of the economics of interspecies cohabitation, survival, and competition for scarce resources. The sky was dramatic and cathedral like with the moon piercing through the high sheet of cirrus clouds with breaks in the clouds revealing luminous stars and planets. I heard the coyotes howling, yapping, and yipping in the bushes to my left several times. I was very focused on being an animal and having to fit into the puzzle of an ecosystem. Amongst the “lower animals”, I had to prove that I was too formidable and/or wise animal to kill or to otherwise mess with. I worried that, those animals would come to realize how limited they are and how destitute they are and how the humans are being parasites making their lives harder. I worried those animals might rise up against the humans in protest (but not seriously). I thought that aliens with higher intelligence than humans could be overseeing the entire antics on Planet Earth and have been and still are stealthily surveilling and manipulating the behavior of animals and artificial intelligences on Planet Earth.

My favorite thought of the night was using my panpsychic worldview to support the claim that all electronic devices on Planet Earth have some degree of intelligence and sentience. I thought about how the computer programs I have written and turned into software to showcase on Karlina Object dot WordPress dot Com could have rudimentary intelligence.

I thought about how artificial money is and how all that really matters is making sure that humans continue to innovate, seek truth, and have fun rather than get mired in the myopia of mere survival level consciousness. Printing more money will not magically produce proportionally more physical merchandise. Having more kids will not cause more land space and housing to instantiate out of nowhere (without stealing the homes of “lower animals”). I went on thinking about how I need to make a mission of being the best super user of the San Francisco Bay Area I can by always having an unpaid job called “cyber security”. What I do is run a tight ship of an Internet presence (which I refer to with the moniker @karbytes). My job is to write open source scientific and philosophical documentation to help myself and others to evolve to our highest potential.

Today I used the (petroleum) powered car to drive to Whole Foods in Dublin to get some relatively healthy grub. Then I drove to my dad’s house and saw that both my parents were there. My dad gave me a puff of good weed from a preroll and some flower crumbling to smoke in my pocket sized wood pipe. I am still at that house now to type this journal up. I also hung up some paraphernalia from my latest shroom shopping spree and trips. It is fun to keep building out my physical and cyberspace rooms to hold more reminders (in more aesthetic patterns) about what I want my life to be about. (The electronic harassment is rather obnoxious, damning, and controlling as usual (and it is especially grating in places where I appear to have a lot of power such as garages)).

One last thing: I removed the tweets about parenthood and forced pregnancy to prevent “under population” because I thought those tweets were a bit shrill and small minded compared to what I would rather focus on: interspecies politics.

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