12_AUGUST_2022: Some people may want to know what my “game” in life is. Besides merely keeping my body alive and well for as long as possible, my goal in life is to build and refine my cluster of personal websites. I consider such websites to be an extension of my brain.

Am I okay with being the only person who views my websites? If that is what my reality is, then I will accept that I am my only website audience but I will keep developing my websites as though visitors other than myself will eventually have access to my websites (or that alien (and/or other) beings are stealthily watching my entire life play out and I am putting on a show for them unconditionally).

I think that people besides myself attempting to censor or tamper with my website are being unethical because they are violating what I think “should be” a universal ethic: the ethic of allowing every person to produce its own art as freely as possible (so long as that process of producing art does not involve damaging other people’s bodies and property against their will).

I am less disturbed by the prospect of other people simply not being sufficiently interested in my websites to check them out than I am by the prospect of my websites being censored and/or tampered with. Then again, if such a thing were happening, I would seriously wonder whether or not people are being brainwashed by the government to not notice some things and to only notice what the government wants them to notice (which is a covert and invasive (i.e. mind rape-y) type of censorship).

The human society I live in seems to be an attention economy first and foremost. As social animals, human beings are hardwired through evolution to seek attention and approval from other human beings because, historically speaking, their survival and passing on their genes to the next generation depended on being noticed and desired by other humans.

Part of my “game” in life is to rely on other humans as little as possible or, more accurately, to take up as little of their attention as possible (unless they seriously want to consume the content I publish on the World Wide Web). I am trying to minimize how much space my body takes up in other human attention spans (because being alone allows me to introspect deeply and immerse myself in solitary activities such as art, studying math, listening to music, and meditating). I would rather other people pay attention to my website than to my body (unless my survival and well being depends on getting emergency responders to save me from some kind of life-threatening disaster). My website represents what I want to remember and share with other sufficiently sentient information processing agents. I regard my body is a machine which I am the highest authority over and, under my authority, my body is commanded to relentlessly work towards accomplishing my goals (especially the goals of building my websites and being an avid web surfer, solo traveler, and psychonaut).

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